Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all the best in 2018!

The studio is now officially closed for holidays until January 15th.

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As a portrait photographer, I often have the most amazing sessions and want to show them ALL off to the world but some of our shoots are best kept as our little secrets! 😉 Having said that, meet Miss M, who rocked her retro PinUp session and magically transformed from Katy Perry into Elvira by the end of her session. But you’ll just have to imagine how deliciously sexy and boobalicious those portraits were! 


I love to travel to new places and meet new people in the photography industry. This year marked both my first trip to Las Vegas and my first time attending WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International). This annual convention has been going on since 1980 and draws in over 10,000 attendees and over 250 exhibitors from around the world. The goal of the conference is not only to promote growth in the industry but also promote community in which members can learn from one another.

I arrived in Vegas late Sunday night and was immediately dazzled by the neon lights of the Vegas strip which were clearly visible from the McCarran International Airport. After a quick Uber ride, I settled at the hotel adjacent to the convention center, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. This hotel was previously the famous Las Vegas Hilton, which once held an 8 year exclusive run of Elvis Presley performances in their showroom — an incredible 837 consecutive sold-out performances.

The next four days of my stay marked a whirlwind of seminars and hours strolling around the vendors’ booths at the Expo. The classroom-style seminars were great but I think I learned even more from some of the “mini” presentations that took place each day at the Expo. Learned a few creative tricks that I can’t wait to put to use. But the most invaluable thing was indeed the connections made with new and old photographer friends. Not only did I get the chance to hang out with a great group of boudoir photographers (my AIBP gang), I also got to spend some time catching up with the guy responsible for getting me into Retro PinUps, Mike Long of Portland Pinups & my boudoir mentor and good friend, Jen Rozenbaum; and listen to some other amazing presenters as well: Denise Birdsong, Lindsay Adler, Jerry Ghionis, Sue Bryce, Joe McNally, Susan Stripling, Tamara Lackey, Peter Hurley and Matthew Jordan Smith (of ANTM fame as well as his amazing work with almost every celeb on the planet).



And in addition to all the incredibly inspiring photographers that I met, listened to and schmoozed at dinner (and then the bar) with, I also managed to do some gambling at the casino and WIN my first time playing Roulette (made $80 on a $5 bet, not too shabby), watch the mesmerizing fountains at the Bellagio, dine at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant (STEAK — whose Beef Wellington is amazeballs!), watch a replica volcano at the Mirage erupt, and maybe even experienced a photo session in FRONT of the camera for a change at a fancypants Penthouse suite at the gorgeous Aria Hotel courtesy of Shawn Black (Couture Black)! I didn’t get to see any shows, see the Neon museum (the junkyard cemetery of old hotel signs) or shoot in the desert, but there’s always next year!



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Happy New Year everyone! The mark of a new year has inspired me to do something quite wacky… some might say even CRAZY….. I’ve decided to shake things up a bit (ok A LOT) and change the NAME of my business. WTF?! As scary as the prospect is to start afresh, I’m really excited about the prospect too!

Sweet Diva” has served me well but was always kinda “cutsie” in nature and maybe not truly reflective of my brand.  This is where YOU come in….

IF you can come up with the perfect business name to reflect my brand, I will give you a FREE SESSION (which you may keep for yourself or gift to someone else) and your prize will include:

•   hair & makeup by our professional stylist   •

•   a 2 hour studio portrait session (genre of your choice: boudoir, glamour or retro pinup)  •

•   access to our clothing/shoe collection   •

•   PLUS I will throw in an extra bonus: FIVE high resolution digital files!!!   •


Here’s what I am looking for: a name that reflects the feminine side PLUS the rebellious side in all of us.  A distinctive name that is basically…. BADASS!


CONTEST DEADLINE: January 31st, 2017


Think you have the perfect name? Email me at . Must be 19+ to enter contest. IF a new name is selected from entries (because I reserve the right to be picky), the winner will be revealed on February 6th, 2017.



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Meet Miss E! She graced the studio of Sweet Diva Photography in hopes of capturing incredible images for not only herself, but as a wedding gift for her husband-to-be. Wow, is this guy ever in for a treat!! This Mila Kunis lookalike was incredible. With total trust in me, Miss E totally rocked her boudoir session and got some fabulous images to be forever proud of. The results were absolutely stunning! Although her wedding date isn’t until next summer, Miss E might actually end up giving this as a Christmas gift because she is sooooo g*d d@mn EXCITED to show her fiancé and simply cannot wait!!! I look forward to hearing his reaction too. 🙂

sweet-diva-photography-333 sweet-diva-photography-207

sweet-diva-photography-464 sweet-diva-photography-540


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Last night, as I sat at a café in Paris, the city of lights or I prefer to call it… the city of love, I saw a glimpse of French romance which reminded me of the famous Robert Doisneau photograph, “Le baiser de l’hotel de ville” (which hangs on my wall back home). Soon after I came across this video that a fellow boudoir photographer posted that made me think of Paris and French lovers and after picking my jaw of the floor, I decided to share it (because I’m convinced this guy is Parisian). Enjoy ladies … Oh yeah, and fellas take notes!! #notreallyphotographyrelated  #butwhocares

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Miss Blaize Bordeau came to the studio of Sweet Diva Photography prepared… VERY prepared. She came through the door with so many clothes, that I thought she was going to move in, lol! She also turned me onto a great little boutique in Toronto called Tatyana’s who sell some kickass retro clothing. Alas they no longer sell the pickle dress (see below) but at least I had the honour of photographing her in it. Too cute! Not only is she a busy career woman, mother and wife, she also dabbles in a little friendly game of roller derby! Better watch out, she’s tough… but also stunning retro beauty on wheels!

Sweet-Diva-Photography-144                Sweet-Diva-Photography-065



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It’s FRIDAY people! What better way to celebrate than some good tunes to shake your ass to… Here’s one that Apple used in a recent iPhone6 ad that is so ridiculously addictive, mainly because it’s all about my favourite addiction: chocolate. Dare you not to get hooked on chocolate or this song! And yes, I am eating chocolate as i type this….

Happy International Women’s Day!

Let me tell you about one incredible woman: Jen Rozenbaum. What can i say about Jen? Well for one, she’s AMAZING! For my non-photog friends, Jen is a kickASS boudoir photographer from New York, one of my greatest mentors and best of all, a friend. I met Jen last Spring when she came to Ottawa to do a workshop. I asked if she would come to my studio to photograph me — mainly because I wanted to see how she would work in my small studio. But I got much more out of it the session than I ever imagined. Even boudoir photographers need reminders about self-love. Watch this video that explains her mission, gives great posing tips and even talks a little about little ol’ me (5:19). heart emoticon her!

P.S. Keep your eyes on the blog for my expose as a boudoir client with photographer Jen Rozenbaum. Coming Soon!


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What is glamour photography, you may ask? Sometimes there is confusion about what it is. Until the later half of the 20th century glamour photography was usually referred to as erotic photography, but standards and styles of glamour photography change over time, reflecting for example changes in social acceptance and taste. These days, thanks to a “beauty movement” by a New Zealand photographer Sue Bryce (who is well known in the portrait photography world), glamour photography has been reinvented once again — this time with a contemporary, fashion-inspired look. It is about celebrating a woman’s beauty, style and femininity, while looking and feeling like a glamourous supermodel for the day. Bryce believes “beauty is not on the outside, it’s something that shines out when you love who you are”.

Case in point, meet Madame V, a woman who exudes both glamour and style. She wanted to give her husband a very special gift for Valentine’s Day — the gift of her. The moment she unzipped her garment bag and revealed a gorgeous blue sequin Kate Spade dress, the glam factor was at the MAX!  Her eyes sparkled for the camera just like the sequins on her dress. THIS is Sweet Diva Photography‘s definition of glamour photography:

Sweet-Diva-Photography-36b      Sweet-Diva-Photography-12      Sweet-Diva-Photography-44

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